Million pleas – campaign to free our world of nuclear weapons


“We want to make the world’s longest video chain letter.

The video has been started by a group of school children from Hiroshima, Japan and is addressed to the 9 countries still in possession of nuclear weapons. We’re asking people from all over the globe to upload a video clip of themselves saying the word “please”. The “pleases” will then be edited into a long virtual chain letter, which will act as a petition to abolish nuclear weapons, worldwide.

The campaign is an initiative of ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons, and is being launched in this the 65th anniversary year of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Please add your voice to the campaign.” visit the million pleas
Watch this video created by the children of Hiroshima

Approximately 160 students, staff and parents, added their voices to the million pleas campaign today. Visit the websites below, to view our pleas to world leaders to free our world of nuclear weapons.

30 thoughts on “Million pleas – campaign to free our world of nuclear weapons

  1. Hey guys, if you upload these youtube videos via the website then they will appear on the homepage!

  2. What a fantastic initiative. Yes PLEASE free the world of nuclear wepaons and always keep uranium in the ground!! We really don’t need it, the costs are far too high!! thanks to the school children of Hiroshima for their video and action.
    In solidarity for a better world

  3. I joined Australias first Nuclear Disarmament party back in the 80s.My support is with you 100% .Please free the world of nuclear weapons…..PEACE

  4. Please free the world of nuclear weapons.Nuclear disarmament for all.PEACE

  5. I am haunted by the misuse of nuclear materials from the first bomb to the current use of low grade nuclear bullet heads, and the provision of power. PLEASE, every country in the world, do not mine, sell or use nuclear material, keep it out of the hands of terrorists and sociopaths. The world is a beautiful place and can be made equitable, but WITHOUT nuclear weapons. Thankyou AGriffiths-Marsh

  6. Thanks Stephanie – as our students said in their youtube clip “It’s our future too”. We need to free the world from nuclear weapons immediately! Thank you for replying.

  7. Thanks Jacqui – our sentiments exactly. From the children of Hawkesdale College, thank you.

  8. Thank you Amber – the children of Hawkesdale P12 thank you for your comments and join you in your support to free our beautiful world from nuclear weapons. Peace!

  9. Thank you Leonie – yes it is a brilliant initiative. We are hoping that they reach the one million mark. We join you in thanking the students of Hiroshima for their video and action. From the school children at Hawkesdale P12, to the school children of Hiroshima – we are one!

  10. Leonie, as our students say “It’s our future too!”. Free the world from nuclear weapons – thank you for your comments and support.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to comment Bernadine. The school kids at Hawkesdale P12 say thanks and Peace!

  12. Thanks Chris – we had heaps of problems uploading at all as youtube is blocked at our school. We had to do a considerable amount of crawling to have our techies unblock it long enough for us to upload the whole lot together. Hopefully the staff at ICan, can separate our clips and post them on the million pleas site. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  13. well, I used to live there although I wasn’t there when it happened I want it stopped. people are friends forever not enomes. It’s like calleng your enyme friends and friends enymes.

  14. Nuclear weapons to us are like the meteor to the dinosaur. They are the recipe to our extinction. Gary Moore sings about it best….please don`t repeat the burning of innnocence.

  15. Come on! There is no such thing as a winnable war and nuclear weapons do not win anything! Everyone loses. This is the right time to make the world a safer place without these weapons. Make a better world for my lovely grandchildren.

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