UBS Academy – a great place to spend the holidays!

Studying in a small school, does not prevent our students from experiencing some wonderful opportunities. Here is a great report by one of our year 11 students, Ben M, on his recent attendance at the UBS Academy in Sydney. Thanks Ben and congratulations again on being accepted into this Academy!
The report
In the second week of the holidays, I was one of 22 Victorian students who flew up to Sydney, to take part in the UBS Finance Academy for the week. A total of 50 year 11 students from a range of geographical areas, including Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Gold Coast, Swan Hill, Terang and Coleraine took part in the academy which aimed to give us all an insight as to what it would be like to work in an investment bank like UBS.
Throughout the week we listened to tutorials concerning different career paths. Eg an investment banker. The person who spoke earns $800 and hour, works 16-18 hours a day and is involved in all the mergers and acquisitions between businesses. We learnt how they calculate the value of a business if another company is trying to buy them out. We also learnt a few basic skills and concepts which we later had to demonstrate in our case studies. For the week we stayed at Dunmore Lang College and Macquarie University where we got a taste of what it would be like to live on campus at uni. We also visited the Sydney Art Gallery and the CNBC TV studio. On the last night we had a graduation night in at UBS amongst some of the people who had presented to us during the week. We did a little presentation where we changed the words of the songs ‘tik tok’ and ‘we didn’t start the fire’. ‘We didn’t start the fire’ became ‘we didn’t start the crisis’.The best part of the week was probably the social side and meeting all the different and interesting people there. We all got to know each other fairly quickly and this made the rest of the week together very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend that if an opportunity like this comes up that students take it because it is well worth it.
(Ben M, year 11)

2 thoughts on “UBS Academy – a great place to spend the holidays!

  1. Congratulations Ben – you have made some great choices throughout your schooling, to study hard and make the most of opportunities as they have occurred. This latest success for you is well deserved and I know that it will give you further impetus to continue working towards your future career. I’m pleased that you made some friends – whom will no doubt be friends for years to come – and I’m pleased that you got so much out of your lectures and tutorials. Well done.

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