TechnoParents, Technostudents, Technostaff – LIVE in elluminate!

What an amazing experience! Teachers, students and parents all in an online classroom, sharing valuable conversations about education and what is happening inside and outside the classroom!

Despite some technical issues, some participants disappearing at times (including me!) and microphones being stubborn as per usual, we had a great session with many conversations being shared!

Here is the link to the recording!

After a quick introducation to elluminate, particpants were asked to write their names on the board, colour them and manipulate them. Everyone was successful! Next came the following conversations:-

  1. Ms Murnane spoke about her ‘week in a sentence’ task found on her blog, walking parents through how to add a comment and encouraging parents to be involved.
  2. Rachel Neal from Darwin spoke about the ‘teddy bear exchange’ with our school. She had shared photos with us and spoke about her class and why this teddy bear exchange was so important to her culturally mixed class. Tyna Lee also spoke about the exchange from Hawkesdale P12 College point of view. Questions came thick and fast for Rachel enquiring about life as a teacher in Darwin. Thanks Rachel for coming on board.
  3. Mr Keith, our assistant principal spoke briefly on the naplan testing.
  4. Mrs Gow spoke about activities in maths and science for the past week and showed some wonderful photos of the activities, including the recent healthy breakfast.
  5. Finally, the Education week timetable was outlined, with students coming online telling us about the books they are taking to the pre-school to read to the students there. Alannah spoke about the golf day today!

Suggestions for future use of elluminate with parents and community were put forward. There will be further sessions over the next two weeks. It is hoped that regular sessions might continue after that.

If you attended the session, please comment and tell us what you liked, providing us also with any further suggestions for further sessions. We would love to hear from you. Thank you to all involved for this great effort that provides a glimpse into the power of technology in education!

2 thoughts on “TechnoParents, Technostudents, Technostaff – LIVE in elluminate!

  1. Anne this was fabulous – thank you for coming up with the initiative. My head is spinning with possibilities and ideas for further link ups – but will think about them and let you know. I hope our wonderful parents can think of some ways of using this software and let us know. The parents are the ones with the questions and they know what they would like to see us do better etc so it would be great if they could come up with some suggestions. Next time, we need to give them more of the controls in deciding the agenda. I had a fabulous time joining in – thanks.

  2. What a fantastic evening we had Anne – so thanks so much for organising that! I have been thinking about whether or not we could hold a Parents Club meeting on line. we have been struggling to get parents to attend meetings so maybe this may be a way of solving this. It would allow those who don’t want to leave their home or those who work an opportunity to participate. I enjoyed listening to Rachel – so maybe listening to what other teachers and ES staff doiing would be quite enjoyable.

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