It's time to abolish nuclear weapons

Ok, your task today, is to think about either of these two questions and add your response as a comment. These are the questions we need to answer when Teri and Cat from ICan, come to visit us on Tuesday.

Question 1 – Why do you want a nuclear weapon free world?
Question 2 – What worries you about continuing to live in a world that is threatened by the use of nuclear weapons?

These responses could be shown in an edited 5 mins film clip at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference being held at the United Nations in New York, in May. How exciting would it be to have your voices heard by the United Nations!

7 thoughts on “It's time to abolish nuclear weapons

  1. Question 2: I dont wan to die! i dont want to be left alone with strangers because everyone in my family is dead. i want to live a free life. i dont want to worrie about somone “accidently” pressing one button and killing 100,000 ‘s of people. my dad promised my family that we will all go to queensland one day, i dont like to think that, that might not happen, i want to have a future, i like to think that i will live a normal life go shooping, have kids, call my sister every week, catch up with friends and have coffe and cake with my mum. i dont trust strangers sitting at a desk, just amagine 100,0000’s of people DEAD!!

  2. Question 1 – Why do you want a nuclear weapon free world?
    Question 2 – What worries you about continuing to live in a world that is threatened by the use of nuclear weapons?

    1. for my children, grandchildren and great grand children. i don’t want them to suffer for our faults, problems or mistakes.

    2. what happens if someone pushes one butten to many, BOOM!
    no more australia, no more animals, no more us.

  3. I want a nuclear weopn free world because they are posion and they create an unhabitabal place. One bomb could distroy the world and it would effect everyone.

    It worries me that one would go off exadenterly and distroy the world.

  4. What worries you about continuing to live in a world that is threatened by the use of nuclear weapons?

    What worries me about the nuclear weapons is that they are on hair trigger alert. It just takes a few minutes to set them off. If one person makes a mistake they can accidentally destroyed many countries. This can affect every country in the world. It can affect the way we breathe, the way we eat and drink plus there are many many more reasons.

    It’s our world, every one should live without the worry in the back of our mind thinking one day we can died from a nuclear bomb.

    It might takes years but I hope one day all nuclear bombs will be abolished.

  5. why do i want a free nuclear wepen world? coz with just one neclear bomb it could wipe out a whole intire contenet if we dont take a stand we may end up dead with more than 250000 thousand necluer bombs if there was a failer in the computer net work well it could make all the bombs bomb every where and kill every one or the priminister waz to make a falt mistake every one dead we shouold at leaast have a thought or vote to get rid of the boms
    why do i want a nuclear bomb free world?
    so that i and many other can trust every one else it would be easy if we all could live in a peace and friendly world but it not like that much if there was no neclear bombs it would be easy to trust our primiester and i agree tyhat theres lots more generations to come and more people alive so i geuss i would like it free so we dont have to worry sleep one secound and dead the next.

  6. I am answering to question 1-Why do you want a nuclear weapon free world?
    I think that it is disgusting that some countries have a thought in the back of their minds “Hey! If India bombs us lets bomb them right back!” We are all humans, we share this planet! So why do we want to blow up the land we all live work and play on?

    I am proud to be Australian, we turned down offers of Nuclear weapons in the last century.
    Roll play/ USA: “lets bomb every country but our own!” After bomb. “Oh no! We only have atiny population left! And our world is a mess!”
    One year later: Nothing, our planet is a wasteland, uninhabited and dead.
    All it takes to set offa bomb is a little push or nudge.
    If we dont get rid of them in the years to come, I will fear my life and others. We are on the verge of world war 3!
    get rid of nuclear weapons now!

  7. hello i am answering Question 2.
    Im worried about how many countries have nuclear weapons. There is always the risk of an accidental launch of these weapons, even if they are not fired intentionally. One nuclear bomb can create a catastophe which sees hundreds of thousands of deaths and generations wiped out. Just one bomb can be seen as a threat to other countries. then they might start setting off nuclear weapons themselves. Each country says they have nuclear weapons in case another country bombs them. We need to abolish all weapons in the world so that we can live in peace without the threat of a nuclear attack.

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