Art Journals

Last year I made a contact through Twitter to Quinn McDonald ( in America. She was kind enough to involve our school Year 7 class in her traveling journal project. Quinn sent us some beautiful, tough and durable paper which was given to the students to decorate and make into a journal page. The pages will be sent back to Quinn and she will then bind them into a journal. This journal will be used to foster a connection to the students in a local school nearby her home. They in turn will be making a journal to send to us. Below is one of the beautiful pages made by one of my students to be sent to Quinn.


3 thoughts on “Art Journals

  1. They enjoyed it very much Quinn, There is some interesting pages about to come your way, thank you for your help and involvement. 🙂

  2. Congratulations to all the students who worked so hard to produce these magnificent pages for Quinn’s book. They look fabulous!

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