End of Year 6 Dinner

Year 6 at their End of Year Dinner on Wednesday 2nd December.

Year 6 at their End of Year Dinner on Wednesday 2nd December.

On Wednesday 2nd December, 20 year 6 students and their parents, attended a dinner which was held at the Hawkesdale Hall. The students presented a photo story which was a snap shot of 2009, and they each shared some of their funny memories of their educational journey so far. Students were presented with a photo and a pen. The dinner was catered by the Hawkesdale Hall Committee and the flowers arranged by Mrs Judy Linke. Both the meal and the flowers were magnificent, as usual. Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make this night really special.

3 thoughts on “End of Year 6 Dinner

  1. I would like to support this post and thank all those who were involved in organising such a successful grade 6 dinner. It is a proud moment for the students, their parents and teachers. The movie the students made of their involvement in school was great as were their “guess who” introductions for their certificate presentations.

  2. Well done Marg, on organising a lovely dinner and presentation for our Grade 6 graduates! Thank- you for their photos and their ‘letters from the future’ were fantastic.

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