We are now a Solar School!

solar system2

Over the school holidays, Clear Solar have installed our 5.5kW solar photovoltaic system, consisting of 42 panels, inverter and a ‘Sunny WebBox’ meter. The WebBox allows us to monitor the energy produced in real time, daily totals and the total produced since installation on a webpage linked to the system. Eventually we will also be able to veiw graphs showing the school’s power usage and the variable effects of weather on the system output, as well as comparing the system at Hawkesdale with other installations worldwide. Funding for the $60,000 system has been provided by grants from the National Solar Schools and the Victorian Solar in Schools Programs.

One thought on “We are now a Solar School!

  1. It will be interesting to be able to view the graphs etc on the website. Will the webbox enable a website to show the energy produced etc. Just hope the sun will start to shine more as this spring has had a very ‘overcast’ start!

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