Rubicon Camp – 9/10 students

The cold, icy weather of the past few days will ensure that there are good snow falls and cover at Lake Mountain, where the students who are attending the Rubicon camp will ski.

Remember that you can check out any required information by visitingthe Rubicon Outdoor Centre website. Students need to be in Warrnambool to catch the early morning train at 5:40am. Once they arrive at Southern Cross station,  Fallons buslines will take them onto Rubicon. All costs of transport, food, snow gear and hire, activities and accommodation are covered in the camp fee that has been paid.

Minimal pocket money is required for breakfast on Monday 13th May and for lunch on Friday 17th May on their return journey home. Thank you to Mrs Gow and Mr Grey for being the staff in attendance. Best wishes for a great camp to the year 9/10 students who are going.

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