This week at Hawkesdale………

As usual, it has been another busy week at Hawkesdale P12 College! Very early on Monday morning we bid farewell to Year 5 and 6 students, as they headed off to Canberra for four nights. They have an extensive program including Parliment House, the War Memorial and the Questacon Science Centre. Year 7 students travelled to Heywood to meet other students who have been involved with the “Ping” project – an on-line program where students learn about musical instruments from members of the Symphony Orchestra and create their own musical pieces.

Year 11 students have three days of exams starting today. Year 12 students begin their exams next week. We wish them all the best. During the last two weeks of term, Year 11 students travel to Melbourne for two work experience placements. This program is always memorable and a often assists students to decide their post-school pathway.

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