Innovations Showcase with DEECD

This morning, Friday 15th May, students from year 7 – 11, were involved in an Innovations Showcase, live link up, with Mrs Mirtschin. Our students were here at school, whilst Mrs Mirtschin was in the Plaza Room at the Crown Casino, in Melbourne, with Ajax and Jason from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike, sat in on a special session with students from year 7, as Jason told us a little bit about the saxophone and the clarinet. This photo shows the screen that the students see using Elluminate software, as well as students busily interacting with the MSO representatives.

Footnote from Anne Mirtschin

These photos show what it looked like from Melbourne. (See comment below this post)

2 thoughts on “Innovations Showcase with DEECD

  1. I would sincerely like to thank Ms Murnane and Mr Distel and any others who helped out with this session. It was planned at the very last moment. Thank you to the students from year 7 who also participated. I was so proud to see you from long distance participating in this exciting 21st century classroom. Thanks also to Ajax for involving us in this pioneering work

  2. It was our great pleasure Mrs Murch – we had a ball and the students taught us so much. The technology is certainly the way of the future. Congratulations on a great session.

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