Questacon "Smart Moves" @ Hawkesdale!

Ivy (year 7) and Gina (from Questacon)

On Tuesday 10th March, 112 students from Years 7 to 11 attended a presentation by Amy and Gina from Canberra. This free show, sponsored by the Department of Education, Science and Training, demonstrated examples of Technology and Innovation by Australian young people. We learnt about the ‘dingo urine gel’ used as a kangaroo deterrent in plantations, the magic water bottle (that uses changes in air pressure to condense water vapour from the air), a pipe that directs stormwater to nature strip trees and a golf buggy that follows it’s owner automatically. Another invention has been developed by a fourteen year old girl to make doing up horse girth straps easier – a system of pulleys that reduces the force required.
If you found the presentation interesting and think you have some brilliant ideas that could be turned into reality, enter the “Invention Convention 2009” – entries close Monday 16th March, 2009. Find out more about Questacon and the Invention Convention at:

Here is a Wordle that our year 8 students created by brainstorming about the presentation.

One thought on “Questacon "Smart Moves" @ Hawkesdale!

  1. I thought Questacon was great. It covered so many strands and domains of VELs -not just science. There was design and technology, a bit of commerce or business management etc. It was entertaining and the presentation involved many media styles. However being an ICT teacher my favourite idea was the donkey that carries the internet to all the remote villages in India, on a rotation basis, so that they can have internet access for emails, banking and one of the most popular features – matchmaking.

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