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Year 11 are in Melbourne for two weeks work experience – one of our school’s most successful programs.  It gives students an insight into city life, exposure to different cultures and access to work experiences  that are not readily available in our local country area. 

The first day coincides with the open day for RMIT university, so students spend time looking at the many displays and demonstrations for possible tertiary study opportunities. 

Once back at the YHA, students are given time to unpack and commence the domestics eg the do’s, don’ts, shoulds and coulds associated with communal living in a youth hostel. The bombardment of questions regarding “how do I get to work?” commence, even after hours of research, googling, metlinking and melwaying back at school. But when reality strikes, the virtual world of satellite images, online maps etc means nothing

After an evening meal, students and staff travelled into the CBD to physically experience and follow public  transport modes of travel and steps for morning number one – trying to read those obscure railway timetables, gain a sense of direction and develop a level of confidence or a greater level of anxiety!

 After day 1 …… New Found Experiences

Students were asked to describe their first day of work in a sentence. Here are their responses.

  • From the Howard Florey Medical Research Institute…”I observed a surgery during the morning, and then got to genotype in the afternoon. It was really good and would rate it a 7 out of 10 and am looking forward the rest of the week. “
  • From the Carlton police station….”I went to the court house today for the morning and then I went and ate food and then I went and then i help the cops do some paper work stuff.”
  • From Melbourne Girls College….”Today was very interesting, everyone was very friendly and the students were all nice to me. I had a great day teaching and learning about the teaching industry. “
  • “I worked at Billy Hyde’s music and tuned guitars and made some labels for the instruments and we had to restock.”
  • Essendon airport…..”I worked at general aviation maintenance. I helped build a motor for a piper Cherokee .   8/10”
  • Maintenance at St Hildas……” made a kit shine and stack chairs“
  • From a sports retail shop….”Went to Triggers and did some vacuuming, also I waxed some snow boards which was new and exciting”
  • Financial pIanning….. “worked at JM Financial planning, I was on the 7th floor, had a very nice view of the river. I sat at the computer all day, filing and scanning, and listening to the radio, it was great!”
  • Horticultural Research….”I got off the tram at the right stop and had no idea where the uni I was working at was. It was just across the road! I met all the people and did things in the nursery all day like planting rose cuttings. It was pretty good overall.”

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