The International Lunch Box Project

Here is an introduction to the Lunch Box Project that I started a little while ago. It has taken a little while to get going, but we are up and away now! There are three classes involved in this project so far – one from Australia (here at Hawkesdale of course!), China and Turkey. Here is the introduction PowerPoint that I uploaded to Slideshare so that I could embed it here in my blog.

5 thoughts on “The International Lunch Box Project

  1. Jess, this looks like enormous fun. I will be very interested to see how it ends up. It would be good fun to do something with lunchboxes and kids in other countries – on this sort of theme. Good luck.

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  3. The lunchbox theme has extended in our own school, so that Tuesday and Thursdays are rubbish free days. Our parents club and margm organized a fundraiser where special lunchboxes could be ordered that would keep our lunch fresh, tasy and at the appropriate temperature and no extra wrappings would be required. Hope it helps to keep our yard and school rubbish free

  4. How can we leave out America? I will be selling this project and its involvement to our high school teachers this Sept. when we start a new school year. What an innovative idea – linking food and technology who would not be interested! Expect to hear from us.

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