Why I am glad I chose Hawkesdale P12 College

 Students in year 7, were asked to write on the topic “Why I am glad I chose Hawkesdale p12 College. Here is one of the responses.

Why I’m pleased I came to this school
Hawkesdale P12 College has 2 ovals, 1 tennis court and a few fun playgrounds, 4 sandpits and lots more fun stuff.

The differences between secondary and primary

  • We have lockers.
  • You have to carry books to classes.
  • You get to have more classes and different teachers.
  • You have more classes to go to.

 At Hawkesdale College, we have smaller classes so that the teachers can spend more time helping us out with work. We have not as many students at our school so we have more opportunities.

 There are less students here so when it comes to things like athletics, debating, winter sports, SRC and leadership roles you are encouraged to say I’ll do that. Some really shy kids go on to participating in things that they wouldn’t normally have the chance to, at a school where there are heaps more kids jumping in to do it.

Also, at Hawkesdale, we are encouraged to work really hard in class coz our teachers don’t have so many students to share themselves between. If you want to work really hard and do really well, then it’s pretty easy to do that here.

 I suggest that you all come to our kool school-  plus we have a canteen – how rocking kool is that?

by  Matt

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